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Difference between Shopify login and Shopify Partner login.

Shopify login and Shopify partner login both are different things. This article will help you understand the crucial distinction between the two. Firstly we provide you the basic overview of these two.

Shopify login?

Using your username and password you can login in Shopify admin panel of your Shopify store.

There are lots of way to login in to Shopify. One such way is to log in with the help of the Shopify app on your Android or IOS Smartphone. 

If you enter the incorrect password while attemp login, then you will need to pass a varification that is required to prove that you are not robot. You are required to do this while you attempt to log in the next time on Shopify. 

Once you typed your password correctly, you can now click the “Log in” button. In the next window, you will find a list of accounts that are currently logged in your browser. Select the account that you want to open.

In cases where you have multiple stores, you just need to select the store you want to open.

Finally, you will be redirected automatically to your Shopify Admin Dashboard.


Shopify partners login? 

It is just login panel. it is just for the member of shopify partner program.

The main role of these account holders is to get new customers in the Shopify platform.

This login is made only for the people and organizations that help the merchants to reach more significant markets for providing their services.

When using the Shopify partner login, users have access to several options like manage development store, managing apps, managing clients.


Difference between the Shopify login and the partner’s login:-  

There are a number of differences between the two, and we will be looking at each of them one by one.  

The first and the remarkable difference is that the Shopify login is done when the user wishes to open a store on the Shopify platform, on other hand the Shopify partner login is used to work as an affiliate on the Shopify platform and get new customers on the Shopify platform. 

Secondly, the Shopify login is used to manage the data of the products and orders that are made by the customers who visit the store owned by you. However, the Shopify partner login is used for managing the development stores and the stores of the clients of the members of the Shopify partners program. 

The third difference is that you can use the Shopify login for purposes such as selling and managing the transactions as well as the billing and adding a number of different features on the online store, which is owned by you. However, the Shopify partner login can be used by the partners for the management of the apps, development stores, and the live stores as well.

Lastly, Shopify login is for the managment of the store and Shopify partner login is to development the store.