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How To Cancel Order In Shopify

There are many reasons to cancel the order first is some doing fraud with your store, if the item is not available in the store or the customer asks to cancel the order.

order is canceled when the order is fulfilled and paid. 

You are required to refund the canceled order to cancel the transaction fees under all circumstances. You will not be charged for the transaction fees only if Shopify has not issued a bill when the order is being refunded. If a bill for the transaction fees has already been issued, then the fees charged will automatically be credited to you. If an order is canceled without a payment refund, the transaction fee will not be credited to you.

In this blog, we will show you how to cancel the order.

Step 1:- First go to Shopify admin and click on order in the left sidebar.


Step 2:- Then after in the order list selects any order which you want to cancel.


Step 3:- After showing the more option in the top corner of the screen click on it, and click cancel an order.


Step 4:- The cancel dialogue shows up first if you want to refund at a time then click on refund other wise select refund later then scroll down to the bottom and select the reason to cancel your order from the drop-down list. 

and must send the notification to the customer about cancel the order.