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How To Connect Shopify With GitHub

Turn on your Terminal and use the "cd" command to navigate to your folder (mine is called "shopify-cli-theme" and contains the new "Dawn" theme)

cd shopify-cli-theme


Additionally, press ENTER after each GIT command. After that, you'll start an empty repository:

git init


You will receive the following response:

Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Users/CC1/shopify-cli-theme/.git/


Now we need to use the "git add" command to add our first commit command:

git add .


To confirm that everything has been added correctly, run the "git status" command:

git status


When everything is set up, we will now enter:

git commit -m "first commit"

We are done when you press enter.


Now we need to create a new repository on GitHub.

GitHub integration for Shopify:


Return to the Terminal and run the following commands:

   git remote add origin https://github.com/(your-profile-name)/demo-store.git

   git branch -M main

   git push -u origin main


Finally, we will use the following command to push the code to our repository:

git push origin main

We are done with Github and can connect our theme to our repository from the Shopify admin.


Go to Online Store -> Themes after logging in as the administrator, locate the Theme Library section, and select Add Theme -> Connect From Github.


Another dropdown will open on the right, and you will enter your information:


We need to select a branch, and the name of our branch is "main" (we defined it in this section: git branch -M primary") Our development setup will be complete once it connects. This theme can now be published.

When we make a local change and push it to our "main" branch, the changes will automatically go live.