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How To Manage Checkout Settings In Shopify

From the Checkout settings page in your Shopify admin, you can also manage how you want to collect customer email addresses.

If you sell using the Online Store sales channel, then you can also change the appearance and layout of the checkout pages by editing your theme.


Step 1: Click on Settings from the dashboard.


Step 2: Then click checkout settings.


Step 3: First customer account you can see three types of accounts.

You select the account according to your need.


Step 4: Second Customer information there are 4 types of fields.

select one by one field and choose a requirement.


Step 5: Third Order processing, here are 3 types of processing.

Select the order processing according to your need.


Step 6: The last one is to manage checkout language.

Click these and edit checkout language.


Step 7: After all settings are set up then click save.