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How To Show An Instagram Feed On Shopify

It’s easy to add an Instagram feed to your Shopify store in just a few minutes, but the options in the app store can be overwhelming.

In this blog, we will show you how to embed an insta feed in your store through App, rather than being a built-in theme feature. 

There are lots of apps provided by Shopify but our favorite App is COVET.PICS.

It provides lots of functionalities for both desktop and mobile views.

Like grid photos or sliders photos also photos per row, several photos at once, also the size of photos, and many more.

Some Shop owner has no Instagram so they can also create their gallery and add photos in that gallery and create a mockup Instagram feed page which is paid.


Step 1: Go to Shopify admin and click on App in the left sidebar.


Step 2: Search any app you want to search it is a global search in the Shopify app store.


Step 3: click COVET.PICS.


Step 4:  Add COVET.PICS app in your store.


Step 5: Install the app from click on the green header button 


Step 6: Application successfully added to your store.

If you need your insta feed then log in first in your Instagram account then after your feed is loaded.

There are lots of functionalities for both desktop and mobile views

You can adjust your photos as per your requirement for example some have loaded only 4 photos per row. 

also, as grid format or slider format many more.


you can also create your manual gallery in this app.