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How to transfer inventory from one store to another in Shopify

You might need to move items from one Shopify account to another for a few different reasons. Perhaps you're solidifying numerous Shopify stores, or you're moving items to another store with an alternate space. The procedure is relatively straightforward, regardless of the reason.

Remember two or more Shopify stores can share inventory if they are selling the same brands and products.

You can transfer your inventory across multiple Shopify stores as long as its active locations.

Note that you can not use any third-party app to transfer products.

Step 1:- Go to Shopify admin and click on "Product" left sidebar.


Step 2:- Tap on the label "Transfers" and click "Create Transfer" in the right corner.


Step 3:- In this section, you will see two options one is "Origin" and the second one is "Destinations".

Origin means you have to select the location of the product supply. where Destination means where you can transfer product.

Step 4:- Select the product(Browse) which you want to transfer.

Step 5:- After determining the quantity, go to "Shipment Details" and enter your date in the "Expected Arrival" with the Tracking Number and Shipping Carrier.

Step 6:- Click "Save Transfer".