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How To Upload Custom Images And Files To Your Shopify Store

As a store owner, you make your store updated daily. your daily work with theme editor where frequently change the images and pricing and many works. In Shopify, you can easily upload and change your images and files.

There are many ways to upload files and images on Shopify. in this blog, I will show you how many ways to upload files and images.

Method 1: Upload Image or File via Shopify Files:

Step 1:  Go to your store admin and navigate to Settings.


Step 2:  In the left menu, select Files.


Step 3: Click on the green button Upload files and choose your file to upload.


Step 4: Once the file is uploaded and processed, you can see it in the list. To get the direct link, simply click on the "link" icon.


Method 2: Upload Image By Shopify Theme Editor:

Step 1: Go to Themes and click customize button.


Step 2: After that go to the image section and select the image option then upload an image from your files.


Step 3: Image is successfully added in-store.


Method 3: Upload Image By Rich Text Editor:

Step 1: Click on the product section and click Add your product.


Step 2: In this product section you can add a product image here.

Then click Add file.


Step 3: Finally, your product image is successfully added.