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Select And Customize Your Shopify Theme

Shopify is the biggest E-commerce platform where you sell your products and create your brand through the store.

The biggest advantage is that it will provide you in-built theme where you can modify all the sections that you want as well and you can also create your theme using a theme that can increase the chance of success for your brand.

There are thousands of competitors in the world but few of them intend to customize design or even use common templates the theme makes your store stand out from other sellers in the crowd. 

Shopify themes play the biggest role in creating your customized websites. there are a few themes available for free of charge but you can also make your online website more attractive through free themes and make enough to bring them sales.

Shopify themes make your store more attractive and earn more money just by using free themes.



After creating your store the second priority is to create a theme there are two types of themes available one free theme and the second is a Shopify theme store which is a paid theme.


Step 1: log in to your store which you created recently, and the store is in development mode.


Step 2: This is the Shopify store dashboard.


By default, the dwan theme is active which is free and provided by Shopify.

Step 3: After logging into the store the main page is open which is the theme page theme options are available in the left-hand sidebar to click on the Online Store and the theme option is also there.


Step 4:

On the store theme page right-hand side of the corner, there are two options one is a free theme and the second one is a Shopify theme store.

in Free theme, there are more than 8 free themes are there which you want to use without any charge and manage your store.

On the other hand, Shopify theme store, both paid and free themes are there that you want to use using filter options.


Step 5: Easily customize your store using any of the popular free themes with a click of an add in theme.



Step 6: If u click visit theme store then it will show you brows theme pages where filter options are there which types of industry store you want to create and what catalog size you want just filter it and use it.


Step 7: If you select the theme then you can view the demo by clicking on the view demo store, and install that theme by clicking on the try theme.


Step 8: After clicking on try theme options the demo theme is uploaded into your theme library.


Step 9: You can also add install and view paid themes just like free themes, but there is one more step of the payment gateway.