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Tips to Create a Shopify About Us Page That Increase Purchases

First, we show you how to create an About Us page.

Step 1:- Follow the steps to create the About Us page Shopify admin > Pages > Add page


Step 2:- Enter the name as "About Us" page and add some content regarding your business like your brand, mission, vision, and value for the About Us page.

Click the "Save" your "About Us" page Shopify was created.


How to create an outstanding Shopify About Us page

we give you some tips to grow your sales and business.

On the About Us page, you can try to add your business details, your business story, values, and how the customers face the issue and show them its solutions.

When your brand is new and doesn't have a lot of credibilities, the About Us page may be the most important factor in whether customers buy your products.

Simply demonstrating "Why they should buy YOUR PRODUCTS, and FROM YOU" is what you need to do.

Here we show you some basics things to do on your "About Us" page

1) Tell your customers about your business's history and the reason you started it.

2) You can describe the manufacturing process and customer benefits of your products.

3) Let's imagine your future by talking about your mission and goals.

4) Clients' issues and solutions.

5) Show testimonials, awards, and reviews to substantiate the performance, quality, or value of your products and services is a good way to gain customer trust and loyalty because customers value social proof. They are common milestones that can help tell your story's middle.

6) The final step is to add links to your social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc..) because your About Us page can also serve as a gateway to other areas of your website or social media.

Show them how your store cuts out the middleman and gives customers savings or where you get the right materials for your product. Customers will have more faith in you if you a