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Create a Shopify App using Remix Template


What will you learn in this blog?

1. How to create a Shopify remix app?

2. How to create routes and extensions in the Shopify remix app?

3. How to deploy changes to users?

4. How to host the Shopify remix app on the fly.io server?

5. How to submit the remix app for review to the Shopify App Store?

6. Which types of rejections you may face from the Shopify review team?


How to create a Shopify remix app?

Before we start building our remix app, fulfil these requirements.

• You've created a Partner account and a development store. 

• You've installed Node.js 18 or higher. 

• You've installed a Node.js package manager: either npm, Yarn 1.x, or pnpm. 

• You've installed Git 2.28.0 or higher. 

• You're using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.


Step 1: Create a new remix app

Navigate to the directory where you want to create your app. Open a new terminal and run the below command. We are using the `npm´ command to create our remix app.

Using npm:

 npm init @shopify/app@latest


Using yarn:

 yarn create @shopify/app


Using pnpm:

 pnpm create @shopify/app


Enter your project name, select the `Start with Remix´ Option to use the remix template and Select the language in which you want to create your app. 


Step 2: Start a local development server

Navigate to the recently created app directory and run the below command.

npm run dev -- --reset


You need to log in to your development store first to run the above command.


After successfully logging in, get back to the terminal and fill in the further details.

Select the `Yes, create it as a new app´ option to create a new app. Provide the name of your app and select a store you want to install your app. Select the `Yes, automatically update´ option to automatically update the app URL during the local development process of your app.


Step 3: Install your app on your development store.

After this process, your local development server will start and you will be provided with a login URL. By clicking this URL you will be redirected to the Shopify auth login page to install your app.

Note: Don’t forget to log in to your Shopify partner account from your browser before opening this URL otherwise you may get an error page on Shopify.


You will get below OAuth login page of the Shopify app by clicking the URL.


Click on the `Install´ button and your app will be installed successfully in your store.


Your Shopify remix app has been created successfully. You can start the development of your remix app.


Next step:

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