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Highlights of Shopify Editions Summer 2024

New Markets Feature

Shopify introduces the powerful new Markets feature, a centralized hub to manage your entire sales ecosystem effortlessly.

Manage All Sales Channels: Consolidate control over your online store, B2B operations, and international sales. This centralized approach saves time and reduces complexity by allowing you to oversee all sales activities from one location.

Easy B2B Expansion: Expand your B2B operations with ease by creating tailored experiences for wholesale customers. Customize catalogs and pricing structures to meet the unique needs of different business clients, making it simpler to handle large orders and specific client requirements.

Retail Integration: If you’re selling in person, Markets integrates seamlessly with Shopify POS. This integration ensures a smooth and streamlined checkout process enhancing the customer experience and reducing operational friction.

Reach New Markets: Effortlessly expand into new regions by tailoring customer experiences based on location. Customize currency, language, and product offerings to better serve customers in different parts of the world, thereby increasing your global reach and sales potential.

Personalize for Customers: Cater to the specific needs of each customer segment, regardless of their location or shopping preferences. This personalization ensures that every customer receives a tailored experience that meets their expectations and increases satisfaction.

Simplify Operations: Save time and resources by managing all your sales channels from one place. This unified approach streamlines your operations, making it easier to oversee your entire sales strategy and execution.


Split Shipping

Split shipping enhances transparency and provides options for orders with items from different locations or varying fulfillment times.

Price Priority: At checkout, customers can choose the most cost-effective shipping option for each item. This option helps customers save money on shipping costs.

Speed Priority: Customers can prioritize the fastest possible delivery for all items, even if it means splitting the shipment into multiple packages. This ensures quick delivery of urgent items.

Custom Options: Allow customers to select specific shipping options for each item in the order. This customization gives customers control over how and when they receive their purchases, enhancing their shopping experience.


Shopify Magic

Shopify Editions Summer 2024 introduces a suite of powerful AI features designed to streamline your workflow and empower your business.

Sidekick: Sidekick, now living in thousands of Shopify stores, acts as your virtual assistant. It understands your specific store data and provides personalized guidance, helping you make informed decisions and manage your store more efficiently.

AI Media Generation: Creating engaging product images and marketing materials can be time-consuming. With AI-powered media generation, you can quickly produce high-quality visuals, saving time and resources while maintaining a professional appearance.

AI-Powered Customer Support: Elevate your customer service with Shopify’s Inbox, which features AI-suggested replies. This AI support enables faster, more accurate responses to customer inquiries, improving customer satisfaction and efficiency.


Rebuilt Analytics

Shopify’s revamped analytics tech stack offers significant improvements to help you better understand your customers and store performance.

Faster: Access reports and insights in real-time, allowing you to react quickly to trends and opportunities. No more waiting for data to refresh – get the information you need instantly.

More Flexible: Customize reports to your specific needs for a deeper understanding of your business.

More Intuitive: The redesigned interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier than ever to navigate and analyze your data, even for those who aren’t data experts.

ShopifyQL: A powerful query language coming soon, ShopifyQL will allow you to query your data directly, providing even more control and flexibility in analyzing your store’s performance.


Theme Style Settings

Theme developers are in for a treat with new features designed to streamline the theme creation process and offer greater flexibility to merchants.

Customization: Liquid theme developers can now expose a wider range of style settings through the theme editor. This empowers merchants to customize the look and feel of their store without needing to touch any code, making it easier to create a unique and attractive online presence.

Seamless Integration: Use pre-built style panels for common design elements or create custom ones for more control. Developers can leverage these panels or create custom ones for even more control over the design elements, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

Block Management: Theme developers can now create static block elements within sections. This allows for a more “opinionated” design approach, ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand experience throughout the store.


Hydrogen Visual Editor

Shopify Editions Summer 2024 introduces the Hydrogen Visual Editor, a revolutionary tool powered by Utopia, an open-source platform now under Shopify’s wing.

Visual Editing for Everyone: Design your storefront visually, empowering non-technical team members to contribute. 

Code as the Source of Truth: Despite the visual interface, your code remains the foundation. All edits seamlessly translate into clean and maintainable code changes that are synced to your GitHub repository, ensuring that your storefront remains robust and scalable.

Frictionless Collaboration: Break down silos between developers, designers, and merchandisers with a shared view of the store, streamlining development.


Managed Markets

Managed Markets simplifies the complexities of international selling, allowing you to focus on creating amazing products and running your business.

Duties & Taxes Simplified: Include duties and taxes directly in your regional pricing, ensuring a transparent and frictionless checkout experience for your international customers. This clarity helps avoid unexpected costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Restricted Products: Selling restricted items internationally can be a compliance nightmare. Managed Markets automatically flags and prevents you from selling restricted products in certain regions, helping you stay compliant with local regulations.

Optimized Shipping Rates: Access competitive shipping rates through Shopify’s network of partners for efficient and affordable delivery.

Order Editing: We can easily make changes to international orders for a smoother customer experience.


Ship to & From Retail Stores

Customers today crave convenience and flexibility. Shopify Editions Summer 2024 empowers you to meet these needs with powerful new features.

In-Store Pickup: Allow customers to purchase online and pick up their orders at their preferred retail location, reducing shipping costs and enhancing the shopping experience.

Ship from Store: Use your retail locations as mini-fulfillment centers. Manage in-store inventory and fulfill online orders directly from your stores, reducing fulfillment times for customers located near your stores and optimizing stock levels.


Easy Retail Checkout

Shopify Editions Summer 2024 introduces features designed to simplify retail checkout with Shopify POS.

Enhanced Staff Attribution: Easily track sales associated with specific staff members. This provides valuable data for commission structures, performance reviews, and identifying top salespeople, helping you manage and motivate your team effectively.

Clearer Staff Roles and Permissions: Assign customized roles and permissions to staff members within Shopify POS. This ensures everyone has the necessary access while avoiding unauthorized actions, improving security and efficiency.

Digital Receipts with Opt-In: Offer customers digital receipts directly through Shopify POS. These receipts can include an option for customers to join your email list, fostering stronger customer relationships and enhancing your marketing efforts.

Clearer Return Policies: Display in-store return policy information directly at checkout within Shopify POS. This reduces confusion for customers and ensures they understand your return process, leading to a better overall shopping experience.