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What Is A Draft In WordPress?

In WordPress, a draft is an unpublished version of a post or page. The WordPress editor automatically saves new content as a draft whilst you are working on it. The draft feature in WordPress allows you to create a post and come back to it at a later point.

WordPress gives several draft options so that you can save your work without having to publish it immediately.


WordPress Will automatically save a draft of your post. This autosave is stored in your WordPress database temporarily.


If you go to Post >All Posts or Pages > All Pages In the WordPress dashboard, you can see which posts are Draft and Publish.


How to Publish or Schedule a Draft Post:

When you click immediately, you can set the date and time the post should be published.

You publish a post by clicking the Publish button then by default, the post will be published immediately.


Once a post has been published, you can switch it back to a draft so that it is no longer visible on your website.

Just click the Switch to draft then your post will be switched to draft.