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What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets is a feature introduced by Shopify that allows merchants to expand their reach by selling their products in multiple currencies. It enables Shopify sellers to set specific prices for different countries and regions, facilitating easier international sales. This feature helps merchants localize their pricing strategies, making it more convenient for customers to shop in their local currencies, ultimately enhancing the shopping experience and potentially boosting sales.


Optimizing international sales with Shopify Markets offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance customer experience and streamline operations for global merchants. Here's a breakdown of the key features:

Currency Control: Shopify Markets supports 136 currencies, enabling customers to shop in their preferred currency. This reduces cart abandonment rates significantly, as customers are more likely to make purchases when prices are displayed in their native currency.

Multi-language Support: With the ability to translate stores into multiple languages, Shopify Markets ensures a seamless browsing experience for international customers. Research indicates that shoppers strongly prefer browsing in their native language, highlighting the importance of proper translation for boosting sales.

Localized Domain Names: Localized domain names enhance customer trust and confidence by offering a familiar browsing experience. By automatically adjusting pricing and language based on the user's location, Shopify Markets creates a sense of familiarity and relevance, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Duties Collection: Merchants can automatically calculate and collect taxes and duties at checkout, providing transparency and clarity on total costs for customers. This helps prevent cart abandonment due to unexpected charges upon delivery.

Payment Methods & Pricing Control: Shopify Markets allows merchants to offer a variety of secure payment methods tailored to each market. By setting specific prices per market and accommodating preferred payment methods, merchants can optimize their international pricing strategy and improve conversion rates.

Inventory Management: With inventory locations worldwide, merchants can efficiently serve customers in different markets without overselling products. By aligning inventory with specific regions, Shopify Markets ensures optimal stock management and customer satisfaction.

Custom Markets Automation and Analytics: Merchants can define market areas and leverage built-in analytics to track performance and make informed decisions. Whether managing single-country markets or grouped regions, Shopify Markets provides insights to optimize strategies and drive growth.


In summary, Shopify Markets empowers merchants to expand their reach, enhance customer experience, and drive international sales through advanced currency control, multi-language support, localized domain names, transparent duties collection, flexible payment options, efficient inventory management, and actionable analytics.



The benefits of using Shopify Markets are numerous:

1. Global Reach: With Shopify Markets, you can expand your customer base beyond borders, reaching people worldwide.

2. Increased Sales: By offering multiple currencies and languages, as well as localized domain names, you can create a more comfortable and familiar shopping experience for international customers, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

3. Reduced Cart Abandonment: The ability to display prices in customers' native currencies and translate your store into their language reduces confusion and hesitation, resulting in lower cart abandonment rates.

4. Transparency and Trust: Automatically calculating taxes and duties at checkout provides transparency and clarity on total costs, building customer trust and reducing the likelihood of unexpected charges.

5. Flexible Payment Options: Shopify Markets allows you to offer a variety of payment methods tailored to different regions, accommodating customers' preferences and increasing convenience, which can lead to more completed purchases.

6. Efficient Inventory Management: With inventory locations worldwide, you can optimize stock levels and ensure timely delivery to customers in different regions, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Data-Driven Insights: Built-in analytics provide valuable insights into your store's performance across different markets, allowing you to make informed decisions and tailor your strategies for better results.

8. Shopify Markets empowers merchants to tap into global markets, enhance customer experience, and drive sales growth through its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities.