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How To Boost The Shopify Speed Optimization Score 80 To 90%

We understand the importance of achieving a very high score speed to provide a smooth experience for your customers. Although, there are many variables that we need to consider when it comes to increasing website speed. We have to keep in mind a few factors that we cannot control like your customer's device, network, and location but some basic things which are used to reach your score the 80% here we show you some steps to follow for your store optimization.


Just with some basic, you can reach a score of 80+ and above.

1. Apply Lazy-loading to images of your website.

2. Make JS file defer parsing.

3. Make CSS also Defer parsing.

4. Reduce unwanted DOM elements.

5. Resolve layout shifting issues on load.

6. And use less number of Apps not more than 5 apps.

7. Theme Upgrade if there is a scope and upgraded theme available.

8. Reduce JS Payload.

9. Use Critical CSS.

10. Reduce Large Image Sizes.

11. Don't use any web fonts, only websafe fonts.

12. Remove unnecessary code on a high-priority basis.

13. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy.