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How To Add Button In WordPress Header menu

Adding a button to your menu in WordPress is very simple. It does not require any plugin or specific theme. You can only add a little CSS in the addition CSS section.

Adding a button in the header navigation menu. you can see it in the image below.


Step 1: Click on Appearance > Menu from the WordPress dashboard.

Then add the buy now page in the menu section.


Step 2: After that Add the buy now button then click on the screen option and enable CSS classes.


Step 3: Enter the CSS class name and save the menu.


Step 4: Then go to theme customizer and click Additional CSS.


Step 5: Copy this below CSS and paste it into Additional CSS.

     .menu-button { 






    .menu-button a,  .menu-button a:hover, .menu-button a:active { 

       color:#fff !important;



Now you see a live preview on your website.

Note:- You can change the CSS you want.