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How To Count Your Products In Shopify

Shopify does not provide the facility of a number of product counts in your catalog under the product section, collection section, and customer section.

I've seen some people recommend exporting your products to a CSV to check the number - but I think that's way too slow. So here are a few ways to get your product count quickly.

In this blog, we will show you to find out total number of products, collections, and customers you have.

You will need to open a new browser page and enter the URL:



your-store-name will be your Shopify store name. For example, your store name is riwa-bridal then the URL will look like 


Checking how many products are in the collection.

Go to a collection in your Shopify admin by going to Products > Collections

The URL now should be something like "/admin/collections/270966208067. 

add the count.json after collections As a bonus tip, you can use this /count.json trick on customers too, to see the total amount of customers that have ever purchased from you. Just go to /admin/customers/count.json.