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How To Set Up Payments In Shopify

One of the most important and major parts of Shopify is how to collect payments because Shopify provides online e-commerce services.

Payment plays a key role between seller and buyer. Shopify provides various types of third-party payment providers.

The main advantage of Shopify payment is they collect money directly through customers and send it to directly the store owner.

With Shopify Payments, the checkout process will be quick, smooth, and highly secure.


Step 1: First check the login in Shopify then click on Settings.


Step 2: After that select payment in the setting. 


Step 3:  Select payment providers there are various types of third-party payment providers in Shopify. Third-party Shopify payment processing methods can be easily added to your store. If you want to add a button that enables customers to check out through these providers, where their payment, as well as shipping information, is already stored, you can add integrated third-party payment providers: 


Payments would come at a set rate provided by the third party. An additional payment will be applied by Shopify to all new orders, depending on the plan you have chosen.

Step 4: Select any one payment provider that your country supports because many countries do not support some third-party methods.


You can still add any payment methods that aren’t available in the above options. But this has to be done manually and processed outside your e-commerce store. Once your customers have purchased something, you have to approve their payment each time before fulfilling the order. Therefore, there is more work involved and the process becomes more time-consuming.