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How To Create Page In Shopify

There are various types of pages that every store needs a homepage, an About Us page, a Contact page, a page detailing your return policies, an FAQ page, various collection pages, and of course, product pages.

Your pages represent a significant landmark in your customer’s sales journey. 

They also learn more about your brand, your products, and why it might be the right fit for them.

Here Shopify already gives some created pages and you also edit them and use them. but it is not enough for your store you must create your own pages to make your product become a brand.

If you have already created some pages that are shown in the list of pages.

First, let’s get into how to start adding pages to your Shopify store step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to Online store>Pages and click the “” button.


Step 2: Enter the title of the page and the description of the page.

‍Once you’ve added these details, you can also edit how your page will show on search engines like Google. 

Automatically, it'll pull on your title and page content material, however, this permits more manipulation of your SEO with the aid of letting you edit the title, meta description, and URL handle.

Also, you can set whether your page is Visible or Hidden on your store's right-side of the corner. 

Automatically, it will become visible when you save your page the first time, but you can also set it to go visible later by clicking Hidden and adding the date you want it.


Step 3: Finally successfully created the "About Us" page which looks like this.


Step 4: This is the list page of all pages that show your page "About us" as well as some already created pages before.