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How to Create Private App in Shopify.

Shopify allows you to create private apps as well as public apps that are exclusive to your store.

First we understand what is private apps and public apps.

Public Apps:  A public app allows you to work with different stores and connect with many apps using their APIs.

Private Apps: A private app will work with only one app store only. And access to only limited APIs is available as per your clients requirments.

Private Apps meant for developers building for merchants with specific requirements not met by custom apps.

They are not register in the Shopify App Store and are created in the Merchant Admin.

Since private apps don't give you access to features like extensions and being embedded in the Shopify Admin, we recommend using the custom apps approach whenever possible.

Public Apps that are available to many merchants and can be register in the Shopify App Store. They are created in your Partner Dashboard.

Custom Apps that are custom-made for a specific merchant and cannot be register in the Shopify App Store. They are created in your Partner Dashboard.

In this blog we will show you how to create private app in shopify.


Step 1: Go to shopify Admin panel

Step 2: Click Apps located on the lower left section.


Step 3: Scroll down and click the App and sale channel settings icon.


Step 4: In the App and sales channel settings page, click Develop apps.


Step 5: In the App development page, click Create an app button.


Step 7: Enter the name of the app and enter the developer's email address who will have permission to develop apps. Click Create app.


Step 8: Click Configure Admin API scopes and add the following API scopes for the app:







read_payment_terms... many more 


Step 9: Click Install app to get the access token.

Step 10: Once your app is installed, click API credentials to view the access token, API key and API secret key.