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How to Find Missing or Completed Fields in a Translation in Shopify

Several text fields will not be translated because a language is displayed as incomplete in the language editor section. Those fields will be consequently displayed in the default language for the topic until you decipher them. If you're starting a new translation, you can use a quick search to find any missing fields or look over the ones you've filled out. Hence, in this article, we will tackle this issue and assist you with figuring out how to look for an interpretation for absent or finished fields on Shopify on your Work area, iPhone, and Android.


Step 1: Use your email address and password to access your Shopify admin.

Step 2: You should look for Online Store > Themes when you are in the Shopify admin.


Step 3: After selecting the themes you want to edit, select Actions > Edit default theme content to continue.


Step 4: Before proceeding, pick Filter this page.


Step 5: Show all translations where the translation is: appears in the dialog box. from the drop-down menu, choose any, complete, or missing.

Step 6: If needed, you can add a filter.


Step 7: To ensure that your updated translations are complete, click Save.